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The Trap of Entrapment

The Trap of Entrapment             The defense of entrapment started life as a judicially created protection against overzealous law enforcement in the federal courts.  “The entrapment defense, which developed in the 1920s, is yet anoth…
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Considerations on Appellate Review in Connecticut

There are three fundamental considerations when analyzing the basis for any appeal, whether that appeal is in a state or federal appellate court. This post, however, looks mostly at Connecticut case law. They include (1) the standard of review to be…
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Municipal Liability For Defective Roads: The Plaintiff's Road To Recovery

There are four fundamental factors to keep in mind when trying to recover damages from a Connecticut municipality the result of a defective road or bridge that the municipality is bound to keep in repair. First, “defective roads” includes sidewal…
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Mandatory v. Directory Usage of the Word "Shall" in Connecticut Statutes and Municipal Charters

Words do not always mean what they appear to mean. A case in point is the use of the word “shall” in a statute or municipal charter.  As the Connecticut Supreme Court observed in Tramontano v. Dilieto, “[t]he use of the word “shall,” thoug…
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Unlocking the Locked Plea Agreement

Fundamental fairness is the common thread woven into all parts of the criminal justice system. Due process is required in all stages of a criminal prosecution, and its importance in plea bargaining should not be minimized.   Because most criminal c…
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Sufficiency v. Weight of the Evidence-- Know the Difference

“Weight of the evidence” and “sufficiency of the evidence” are legal concepts easily conflated by lawyers when pursuing reversal of criminal conviction on appeal. They look and feel similar, but they are distinct concepts that produce radical…
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Effective Legal Writing- The Memorable Tag Line

The most difficult part of effective brief writing can be figuring out the best way to deliver the core idea in an effective message. So much of what lawyers do when communicating effectively involves coming up with memorable tag lines that stick in…
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What Should I Expect When I Contact a Lawyer?

​Many if not most auto accident lawyers do not charge for an initial consultation.  When you call for an appointment ask about a consultation fee up front. Bring a copy of the police report, and any insurance paperwork that you have, including yo…

What Should I Do if I Get in a Car Accident?

Do not leave the scene. Call for help on your cell phone. Second, if you can, take photos of the accident scene. Use your cell phone, iPad, or keep a disposable camera in your glove compartment.

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