Practice Areas


Not every case goes the way you might expect. Whether because of judicial error or an unpredictable jury verdict, some litigation is destined for appeal. But a complicated appeal can bog down your entire firm, swamping legal assistants with paperwork… Read More

Auto Accidents & Personal Injury

A serious personal injury accident can change your entire life. When you are hurt because of someone else’s negligence, the medical costs and loss of income could put you on a path to financial ruin. But an experienced personal injury attorney,… Read More

Federal Civil Litigation

When your civil litigation calls for creativity, you need an experienced trial litigator ready to go deep to really make your case. Attorney Raymond Rigat at the Rigat Law Firm in Clinton, Connecticut, loves complex legal issues. He will dig in and s… Read More

Criminal Law

When you are facing criminal charges in a Connecticut state court, you want a local criminal defense attorney with the knowledge and experience to see you through it. Don’t go out of state to find a lawyer. The Rigat Law Firm in Clinton Connect… Read More

Military Law

If you are facing military court proceedings at the New London Naval Submarine Base, you may not want a JAG officer representing you. Instead, Raymond Rigat of the Rigat Law Firm provides military attorney experience from a civilian not affiliated wi… Read More

Municipal Law

An experienced and competent municipal attorney can save your town money. Whether your municipality is looking for a full service corporation counsel, or an attorney to address your town board of selectmen’s specific needs, experienced municipa… Read More


As a property owner in Connecticut, how you use your land is important to you. Whether you are hoping to add an addition to your house, renovate a building for business use, or completely change how a piece of property is used, you may need permissio… Read More