The Rigat Law Firm, Appellate Attorney in Clinton, Connecticut

Not every case goes the way you might expect. Whether because of judicial error or an unpredictable jury verdict, some litigation is destined for appeal. But a complicated appeal can bog down your entire firm, swamping legal assistants with paperwork and miring trial attorneys in unfamiliar procedure and in-depth research. You need an experienced appellate attorney to work with you to protect your clients' interests.

Research Minded

Most trial attorneys don't have the time for the kind of in-depth research a successful appeal requires. You have caseloads to manage, hearings and trials to prepare for, and client needs to meet. By hiring a research-minded appellate attorney, you can ensure your appeal is thoroughly prepared without sacrificing your other cases to do it.

Raymond Rigat of the Rigat Law Firm in Clinton, Connecticut, thrives on complex legal issues. He will do the digging to prepare the strongest legal agruments available for your clients. Whether you are seeking to overturn a conviction or set precedent in a civil matter, the Rigat Law Firm can provide you the appellate support you need to make your case.

Judicial Experience

Raymond Rigat isn't your average appellate lawyer. With 12 years of experience as a probate judge, he can bring a different perspective to your most complicated legal appeal. By looking at things with a judicial mindset, he can help you develop your legal position, strengthen weak spots in your arguments, and put your best case forward.

Appellate Success

All the research in the world won't help your client unless the appeals attorney can deliver at oral argument. Raymond Rigat has a long history of appellate victories, including:

  • Multi-Party Drug Conspiracy Appeal: United States v. Ofray-Campos, 534 F.3d 1 (1st Cir. 2008)
  • Contempt Appeal: United States v. Browne, 318 F.3d 261 (1st Cir. 2003)

Bring Raymond Rigat on to Your Team

Raymond Rigat, appellate attorney at the Rigat Law Firm in Clinton, Connecticut is at your service. He can provide trial-level litigation support by briefing complex legal issues, or he can take the matter entirely off your caseload to independently represent your clients on appeal. If you need to bring on a new team member to represent your client's interest on appeals, contact the Rigat Law Firm today for a referral.