The Rigat Law Firm, Zoning & Land Use Attorney in Clinton, Connecticut

As a property owner in Connecticut, how you use your land is important to you. Whether you are hoping to add an addition to your house, renovate a building for business use, or completely change how a piece of property is used, you may need permission from the local zoning board before you can break ground. But what do you do if the zoning board says no? Or what if a neighbor is granted permission for a particular land use that you don't think is appropriate?

Zoning Appeals

The Rigat Law Firm is here to help you take your case to the Zoning Board of Appeals for your local municipality. With years of experience handling municipal zoning cases for local cities and towns, attorney Raymond Rigat knows what it takes to get an appeal through the process. He will help you gather the necessary documentation, file the right paperwork, and appear on your behalf in front of the zoning board.

Zoning & Land Use

Developers and homeowners associations often need to work with local zoning boards and environmental agencies to get their projects approved before they invest the capital or put their investors' money at risk. The Rigat Law Firm can help you do all the necessary preparation to make your application go smoothly.

If your application is denied, Raymond Rigat has over 25 years of litigation experience. He will take your zoning matter to court and make sure your property rights are protected. Civil zoning litigation can be complex, especially along the Connecticut Shoreline, and can involve a number of different statutes and regulatory agencies. The Rigat Law Firm will help you sort through everything to get the relief you need.

Nuisance Claims

Sometimes, you just can't agree to a particular land use near your property. If a developer is seeking a variance or a zoning change that will negatively affect your peaceful enjoyment of your land, you have the right to object. The Rigat Law Firm will help you prepare the necessary paperwork to file a complaint with your town zoning board and protect your property rights.

Hire Zoning Attorney Raymond Rigat

If a local zoning board is giving you trouble, contact the Rigat Law Firm in Clinton, Connecticut. Raymond Rigat will use his knowledge and experience to help you cut through the red tape and get the authorization you need to make the best use of your property.