Several years ago I needed an attorney to handle legal affairs surrounding injuries sustained in a motor vehicle accident. I wanted to retain someone with experience, who was located close to home. I called Attorney Rigat's law office in Clinton. I spoke to him regarding my needs. We met several times in his office, sometimes even with my young children in tow. I appreciated this and I felt that Ray understood the importance of family. Ray was easy to talk to and very personable yet his professionalism and fairness was unwavering throughout the entire process. I am very thankful for Ray's services during a difficult time in my life. His knowledge and expertise of the legal system allowed for a favorable outcome for me and my family.

– M.S. — Clinton, CT

Several years ago I needed to retain an attorney to handle some legal affairs for my family as well as myself. I grew up in Clinton and was acquainted with Attorney Rigat and his practice and was highly recommended by friends and members of the community. Ray took the time and listened to what my needs were and put his expertise to work with fairness but was firm in his resolve to achieve the best outcome for me and my family. I trusted that with his 25+ years of practicing law and his knowledge of the court system that I was in the best hands possible and the outcome was greater than expected.

– J.K. — East Haven, CT

I moved to Clinton twenty years ago and that is when I met Ray and his family as he patronized my business frequently. We became friends on a personal and business level. Five years ago I needed Ray to represent my business regarding a legal issue. Ray took this case to historic proportions before I knew it we were on CNN Headline News and a couple days later Fox News, the case reached the whole country and even getting responses from around the globe. The outcome was positive and Ray kept me and my family focused through out the whole ordeal. Ray's knowledge of law is exceptional as well as his communication and diverse handling of all situations as well as a great family man and community leader in our town Clinton, CT.

– M.N. — Clinton, CT

My wife and I run a busy family restaurant. Occasionally, we need the services of an attorney, and we use Ray. He is attentive to our legal needs, taking time to carefully listen. He is diligent, gets the job done, and gets it done right. He is very active in the community, and cares about his clients. I recommend Ray as an attorney to anyone who needs a lawyer to handle their legal needs.

– F. A.U. — Westbrook, CT

I am a businessman and commercial property owner who has used Ray throughout the years to assist me with my legal needs. I have always found him to give rock solid advice, and to take the necessary time to listen. He has always been able to meet deadlines, and his fees are reasonable. I highly recommend Ray's services as an attorney. His clients are well served.

– J.L. — Norwalk, CT

Attorney Raymond Rigat has been a valued neighbor and counselor for many years. His attention to detail for legal matters large and small is exceptional. We highly recommend him.

– K.I. and G.I. — Clinton, CT

My entire family agrees that Raymond Rigat is a trustworthy, competent, knowledgeable lawyer. We have used his services many times and his advice, work ethic, and keen eye for details always net positive results. You are in good hands with Ray Rigat. He is a well respected member of our community and you are guaranteed satisfaction with him on your team.

– L.S. — Westbrook, CT

Our company is a medium size construction company performing state and municipal road and bridge construction. In order to expand our operations and facilities, a lengthy town approval process was necessary to modify the permitted use of an existing storage yard to also permit stockpiling, recycling, crushing, and screening of our road and bridge earth by-products. Raymond's experience, guidance and legal proceedings resulted in the approval of various applications necessary to meet our growing needs.

In addition, I have known Raymond since childhood, and can attest to his integrity and character. Raymond is an honest respectful and intelligent attorney that I have enjoyed having in my comer, and I look forward to continuing our relationship.

I can honestly recommend Raymond Rigat as an attorney, advisor, or for professional services in the municipal arena.

– A.N. — Clinton, CT