Why Choose The Rigat Law Firm

Raymond Rigat isn't just your ordinary local lawyer. With 25 years of experience in a broad range of practice areas, he is the perfect choice for your legal issue. Whether you are headed to state, federal, or military court, you want the Rigat Law Firm on your team.

Local and Convenient

You don't have to drive out of state to get a high quality law firm that can take on your complicated legal issues. Since 1996, the Rigat Law Firm has been located right in Clinton, Connecticut along the shoreline of Long Island Sound. Raymond Rigat opened his first law office in New London back in 1993, and he's been a local resident ever since. He is happy to meet when it is convenient to you – night and weekend appointments are available upon request.

Knowledge and Expertise

When it comes to the law, it's all about what you know. Raymond Rigat combines years of professional experience with a passion for knowledge and research. After being in the courts for well over two decades, Ray has seen it all, and knows what to do to get you what you need. His aggressive litigation strategy has given him a reputation as a great “trial guy.”

But aggression alone is not enough. The Rigat Law Firm backs up its work with strong research and continuing education. Ray Rigat makes it a priority to be an expert in the legal issues behind your case.

Military Minded in Any Court

Raymond Rigat understands the needs of the thousands of military men and women serving their country at the New London Navy Submarine Base. As a veteran and former JAG attorney himself, Ray knows the special concerns that come along with active military service. Whether you are facing court-martial proceedings, an administrative separation, or civilian legal problems, The Rigat Law Firm has you covered.

Taking Time to Listen

You never want to feel rushed by your attorney. The Rigat Law Firm is available to you on your time. Raymond Rigat will take the time to listen to you and truly understand your problem. Then, as the case progresses, Ray will sit with you to make sure you understand the legal issues behind your case.

Get The Rigat Law Firm Working for You

The best attorneys combine zealous representation with a deep understanding of the law. If you need that kind of all-around work on your case, contact The Rigat Law Firm to get Raymond Rigat working for you.